[ 7, 7 ]
Suicide isn’t selfish, when nobody will miss you.
There’s a balcony outside!
Do you even lift?
Your hopes will miss lead you.
When were you last truly happy?
The world will go on without you.
You are not a bad person.
It’s not your fault.
The world is less because of you
You're just a burden
Your family could be dead right now, for all you know.
They laugh
They lie
You might die in your sleep.
You will accomplish nothing.
Your memories will fade.
Death is trivial. Yours will be no different
Life is trivial. The world is overpopulating
Betraying is trivial. You have betrayed someone too...
You found a Ring.
You found an Anchor.
You found a Seal.
You found a Lost Puppy.
You found a Children's Toy.
You found a Guitar.
You found a Dried Flower.
You found a Family Album.
You found a Child's Teddy Bear.
You found a Bottle of Wine.
You found a Burger.
You found a Bed.
You're filled with a pleasant Warmth.
You're filled with Hope.
You're filled with great Joy.
You're filled with a feeling of Comfort.
Live long and prosper.
Hope thrives when there's nothing to live for. Seize the day and abandon all hope.