Quest of the Guardian

  • Project:

    DADIU Graduation Game
  • Date:

    December 2016
  • Timespan:

    6 Weeks
  • My fields:


Pick up your weapon and take back the temple! You take the role of a temple guardian in a time where the temple is under attack from evil spirit-eaters. You must take your magical spear and repel these evil-doers so the peace once again can fill this sacred place

This game was made by a team of 16 students from different studies and disciplines. My role in this production was to program tools for the other programmers that would optimize production, and to accommodate the needs of non-programmer staff such as the level designer and the QA manager.

Our game is a dungeon crawler for tablet, and a has been described as a "cute" Diablo. It was a challenge to embrace the touch controls of the tablet, rather than simulate another platforms controls onto it, say a virtual analog stick. But in the end I believe we were successful in creating something fun and unique.

DADIU is an education made by the danish games indutry, for the danish games indutry. Experts from different fields and companies oversee the productions and push the production teams so that they may learn even more from the experiment. It has been one of the greatest and most challenging times of my life, and I can safely say that I have earned many good friends from my time at DADIU.