The Announcement

  • Project:

    Molyjam Deux 2013
  • Date:

    Juli 2013
  • Timespan:

    48 hours
  • My fields:

    Programming, game design

A game about being in the spotlight and faced with the stress of presentation a new gaming console at an E3

This game was made during Molyjam 2013, a 48 hour game jam.

You have a set of cards, all of which can only be used once. The topic presented on the centre monitor changes over time, and according to the topic, a given card yields different rewards and penalties. Using cards will give you cash, which is your score. It is important to have both the audience and the investors on your side, which is indicated by the bars on either side of the screen. Reaching rock bottom will cause immediate defeat. Lastly, the light on the scene moves around, and the player must stay within the light to maintain their cash multiplier.

We didn't have much time to test the game, and as a result the cards, and their effects according to the displayed topic, are largely illogical, making it difficult to predict the outcome of playing a card.