Court of Madness

  • Project:

    Research roject
  • Date:

    Maj 2016
  • Timespan:

    2 Months
  • My fields:

    Programming, GUI, data collection, online security

Bring your mask as you venture into a ball that is just as colourful as the personalities of its guests

This game was developed as part of a research project at Aalborg University. When you make a choice on behalf of a player character, whether the character has a defined background and personality or not, those choices are rarely made with the player character in mind. Instead, players chooce based on their own merits and ideals.

In the Dreamfall game series, when you hover over an option for any given choice, a monologue as though spoken by the player character is given to the player, expressing how their character feel about the option. We argued, that the method as seen in the Dreamfall games could be used to foster character identification, which is when the player enters the mind of their character. We investigated this using a game, Court of Madness, and the results of our research was promising.