Paladins Card Records

  • Project:

    Web App
  • Date:

    November 2016
  • Timespan:

    2 Week

Assists players in building better loadouts for their champions, using data derived from over half a million matches matches every month

This app gives statistics on the success of different cards in the game Paladins. The app is based on my similar app for Smite. Differently from the Smite app, this one has all match data placed in an online database, allowing users to filter results by different criterias.

This versatility is only possible, because cards are unique for each champion, and because champions and cards are few, compared to gods and items in Smite. However, due to an overhaul of the card system in Paladins, the app has become severely outdated, and has thus been discontinued. The project may be taken up in the future, after Paladins has left Beta.