• Project:

    Browser based map and guide
  • Date:

    March 2011
  • Timespan:

    1 Month

An interactive map of the first continent in the MMORPG game RIFT. Shows various points of interest and NPCs

For a long time after RIFT was released, there were no proper database website to help players find the merchants, dungeons, etc. I initially made this map in order to give new players a better understanding of the locations of various points of interest throughout the zones they ventured through.

I kept updating and adding to the map for a while after it was released in March 2011, but it was eventually discontinued with the release of RIFT's first expansion, which introduced a new continent that was never added. This project, and my achievements within the game, gave me a top 10 ranking in an official RIFT top-fan contest. The reward was half a year of game time.