The Secret World Ability Wheel

  • Project:

    Browser based helping tool
  • Date:

    Juli 2012
  • Timespan:

    2 Weeks

The Ability Wheel from The Secret World, with additional features to assist users in building and sharing their character builds

When The Secret World was released, there were no helping tools for calculating ability costs, searching abilities, and building and sharing character builds. I found the game very compelling, and therefore I decided to make a tool to fill these needs. I managed to finish a working prototype in less than two weeks. I worked intensely on finishing the protoype, as demand was high.

My tool was among the very first released, and has been among the most popular since its release. However, I have chosen to discontinued the project with the release of Secret World Legends, seeing as the 575 abilities in the game had to be manually kept up to date. Interest peaked in August 2012, where it had more than 60.000 users in one month.