SMITE Item Aid

  • Project:

    NVIDIA App Challenge
  • Date:

    December 2015
  • Timespan:

    3 Month

Provides players of any level and experience with vital information concerning what items are the most successful for almost any god and game mode combination

This app was made for the NVIDIA App Challenge, running from August to December 2016. The app was entered in the SMITE Game Related category, which was unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of competitors in the category.

The challenges with this project was to make an automated system which could download a vast amount of data on a daily basis, analyze and restructure the data for optimized storage, and finaly make calculations upon the data and distribute these results to the userbase.

The app was originally created for the Overwolf platform, and later a browser based version was added. The Overwolf platform created immense upkeep for the app, and therefore this version of the app was discontinued, so more time could be spent upgrading rather than maintaining.