Winter Spirit

  • Project:

    Unity Game
  • Date:

    October 2016
  • Timespan:

    1 Week
  • My fields:

    Programming, game design

You live in a world of sentient snow creatures, who live out their lives maintaining their snowflake home. But out in the distance there's a star much brighter than any other you have ever seen, and it becons you to come closer

This was a small game I made with my friend Mette, to get more familiar with dynamic camera movement in 3D space, enemy AI, procedurally generated environment, and pathfinding, among other things.

You advance the game by picking up small snowflakes and place them adjacent to already placed snowflakes, as you make your way towards the glowing orb that marks the goal. Wraith like enemies will haunt you, chipping away at your snowflakes, and should you stand on a snowflake as it disappears, you die.

It was a small little project, and we initially thought to have other platforms made of snowflakes with other snow creates which you could talk to, all content with just maintaining their platform, while you seek to travel the world. We also had the idea that another snow creature might choose to follow in your steps, likely to suffer a horrific death.