• Win Rate

    The statistical chance of winning a match when playing as the given god in the selected game mode, with a custom build.
  • Margin of Error

    The margin in which the actual win rate of the god is, with a 95% certainty. A smaller Margin of Error means a more accurate win rate.
  • Queue Rank

    The win rate ranking of the given god for the selected game mode.
  • Overwhelming

    Any god with a win rate above 55%.
  • Underwhelming

    Any god with a win rate below 45%.
  • Not Enough Data

    The minimum data requirement for a god in any particular game mode is a margin of error below 5%. The reason being that a margin of error above 5% means a god with a win rate of 50% could potentially be beyond 55% or below 45% in truth. Data which cannot meet this are bad representatives of the actual win rate. A similar requirement is true for items.
  • No Data

    No data was found for the given god in the selected game mode.
  • Acknowledgments

    The meta may change depending on level, tier, and division, meaning a god at or below normal win rate could potentially dominate one or more of these metas. A god which is easy to learn, with little potential to grow more successful as the player becomes more skilled, will do better in lower tiers, while a god which is hard to learn, with a significant return rate if properly mastered, will do better in higher tiers. For the same reason, Normal- and Ranked Conquest may have drastically different results.

  • Normal:
  • Arena
  • Assault
  • Joust
  • Conquest
  • Siege
  • Clash
  • Ranked:
  • Conquest
  • Joust
  • Duel
  • All
  • Hindu
  • Mayan
  • Egyptian
  • Roman
  • Greek
  • Norse
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Celtic
  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Guardian
  • Assassin