Photo: Michael W. Klodos, Andersen & Klodos


I made my debut as cosplayer back in 2007 with my costume of Zero from the Megaman Zero series. Since then I've made 6 costumes for myself, of which 4 are featured, and assisted others in making even more.

I cosplay because it is fun, creative and expressive. Cosplay is a creative outlet where I get to use materials I would not otherwise be able to through my other interests.


I enjoy working with different materials and in my time as a cosplayer I have used such materials as wood, styrofoam, foam rubber, latex, resin, plexiglass, plastics, vinyl, PVC, metals, cloth, and more.

I have participated as judge at four cosplay competisions. Tree times I have been among the judges to determine a danish representatives at the EuroCosplay Championships in London.


2014 - Best Make-up award at Genki for my make-up and SFX prosthetics as Sechs from Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

2008 - Best Song award at J-popcon for my singing act as Sieg Wahrheit from Chaos Legion